We support Aleks Zawada at the Barum Czech Rally Zlín

Company ZPS-FREZOVACI NASTROJE, situated in the city of Zlin, where famous Barum Czech Rally Zlin (BCRZ) also starts once in a year. It belongs to the most important motorsport events in the Czech Republic. The tradition of this event is closely connected to very high popularity of rallysport in this country and it has been year by year proved by the number of spectators. The importance of this rally was also readable from the media interest - in 2016, 309 journalist teams from 18 countries came to Zlín.

There are also many fans of this rally in ZPS-FN including Michal Grepl, who is responsible for sales and marketing. ZPS-FN is export-oriented  company with primal focus on european market, where approx. 90% of tools are distributed. One of important and continously growing market with big potencial is Poland  where ZPS-FN strengthen its position step by step since last years.
Our company was directly contacted by young, perspective and fast Polish driver Aleks Zawada. He has visited ZPS-FN on Monday 21st of August 2017, during his preparation for rally, that starts on 25th of August. He has presented himself, his racing team and we have closed agreement for supporting his start in Barum Czech Rally 2017. Aleks is living for racing and he has no support from any car producing factory or strong sponsors as his competitors have. So it´s quite similar situation as for company ZPS-FN, that single independent company without any global support. Also we have made big effort to get every single business, same as Aleks has tried hard to get on his side partners supporting him in his dream. So the hardest job is not the racing it selves, but all what is between that.
Aleks Zawada is on the third position in European Rally Championship Junior under 27 years (ERC U27) just behind Opel factory racers right now. Zawada, who also took a podium on the Azores Airlines Rallye at the start of April, following his third place in finish in Poland on Rally Rzeszow.
We wish nice , save and fast race to Aleks!